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Indra Lesmana, penerus jejak sang ayah

About Indra

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on Monday, March 28th 1966. My late father, Jack Lesmana was a jazz multi-instrumentalist. He is my biggest influence and motivator during my early musical career. My mother, Nien Lesmana was a famous singer in the 60’s. Music and jazz become the main course within our family lives. My first record album called " Ayahku Sahabatku " released in 1978 happened to be the stepping stone of my journey in music industry.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia and studied at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music before I moved to Los Angeles, U.S.A to sign records deal with Zebra record/MCA.
In 1982, Indra explored his fusion jazz styles of music and formed another band called "Nebula" with Steve Hunter, Andy Evans, Ken James, Vince Genova, Carlinhos Gonzalves. The band had recorded their session in the album called "No Standing" contained of 4 Indra’s original compositions ( No Standing, The First, Sleeping Beauty, ‘Tis time to part ) and a Steve Hunterââ¬â¢s "Samba for ET". The album released in Australia by Jasmine Records, he also joined Sandy Evans, Tony Buck and Steve Elphick to form a modern jazz band called "Women and Children First" and recorded their first album in 1983.

Indra’s musical talent and compositions apparently captured by the American jazz industry. Zebra Records, an affiliate of MCA Records sent their interest to sign him as the solo artist and release the album "No Standing" as Indra Lesmana’s solo album. The agreement met in 1984 and the album was remastered by Bernie Grundman before released in USA.
Indra moved to California, U.S.A in 1985 and did the recording at Mad Hatter Studio with Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Landau, Jimmy Haslip, Airto Moreira, Charlie Hadden, Bobby Shew, Tooty Heath for his album called "For Earth and Heaven". The album released in 1986 and happened to be his second internationally distributed album by Zebra Records. His two albums "No Standing" and "For Earth and Heaven" appeared to be his highlight debut in USA.
His singles "No Standing"( from No Standing album ) and "Stephanie" ( from For Earth and Heaven album ) were successfully became the hits and top list of Billboard Charts for Jazz in US and number one in radio charts.Beside his perform duties as an artist and record producer, Indra has deep interest in audio or sound recording technology. His album called Tragedi released in 1984 happened to be his first debut in becoming a sound designer. In 1998 Indra Lesmana firstly produced the master quality sound of the Sabda Prana album by Java Jazz.

In 1999 he decided to establish InLine Music, his independent company and studio for recording, mixing and mastering house specializing in jazz where his talent and skill are advanced in that particular music production. Up until today, Indra Lesmana has succeeded mixed and mastered more than 20 albums of Indonesian distinguished artists. He was also nominated as Best Mixing Engineer on AMI Awards 2003.
His recognition as the Indonesian jazz icon and one of the most important productive recording artists has been proved through his over 150 original compositions, 43 albums and more than 70 record albums production exploring in pop, contemporary, mainstream, swing to nu-jazz music and participation in many international jazz festivals. His nature in making a record is to present his inspiration and mission through out his original compositions. Therefore Indra always take care the messages as well as the musical artistic value in his every album. Some of his original hits made "Warna", "Ekspresi", "Aku Ingin", "Dunia Boleh Tertawa" have been considered as the most everlasting popular songs.

In the year of 2000, he made an uprising record when his first single-instrumental jazz music video called "Reborn" heavily aired on Indonesia national television. He formed his first 17-piece big band project in March 2002 in order to record his 15th solo album that also happened to be his first big band arrangement of original soundtrack album for sister-film producer, Mira Lesmana called "Rumah Ke Tujuh".

In early 2004, with wife Hanny Trihandojo Lesmana and music partner Aksan Syuman, built and organize a non-profit art documentary weekly program at Sumber Cipta mini art center in South Jakarta called "Concert Practice" to regenerate young people to explore their artistic performance in music, dance and other art forms.

Later in March 2004, Indra was engaged to Fremantle Media and RCTI working for a famous UK licensed – reality show – TV programme called the Indonesian Idol as the head of the four juries ( with singer-Titi Dj, video maker-Dimas Djajadiningrat, host-Meutia Kasim ).
The program continues and enters its forth season with a great success respond as one of the highest rating TV show in Indonesia.

In year 2006, Indra Lesmana and his wife, Hanny T Lesmana wrote and produced a single "Jalinan Kasih’ and the song performed by Mike Mohede who’s the Indonesian Idol -season 2- winner. They dedicated the song as a theme for RCTI social program called "Jalinan Kasih" that work to help and give health/medical support for the poor children.Indra Lesmana is expert in Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog, Hammond, Melodica, synthesizers and workstation.

He’s been endorsed by Roland Keyboards, Steinberg Cubase SX and M-Audio.Throughout his career, Indra Lesmana has recorded with Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Landau, Jimmy Haslip, Airto Moreira, Charlie Hadden, Bobby Shew, Tooty Heath, Sandy Evans, Tony Buck, Steve Elphick, Steve Hunter, Andy Evans, Ken James, Vince Genova, Carlinhos Gonzalves, Steve Brien, Dale Barlow, Tony Thijssen, Harry Rivers, James Morrison and performed with Chick Corea, Jan Garbarek, Mark Murphy, Ira Coleman, Eberhard Weber, Gerald Albright, Lenny Castro and many more.
He’s married to Hanny Trihandojo and has three children, Eva Celia Lesmana ( 15 ), Devo Antonio Lesmana ( 7 ) and Ravi Alessandri Lesmana ( 4 ).


KAYON – Tree Of Life ( Indra Lesmana, Pra Budidharma, Gilang Ramadhan) – 2007

SILVER ( Indra Lesmana ) – 2005
OST Gelatik ( Indra Lesmana & Aksan Syuman ) – 2003

O.S.T RUMAH KE TUJUH ( Indra Lesmana )- 2002

OST The Birds ( Indra Lesmana & Aksan Syuman ) – 2001

REBORN ( Indra Lesmana ) – 2000

SABDA PRANA ( Java Jazz ) – 1998

KEDUA ( Indra Lesmana & Gilang Ramadhan ) – 1998

SELAMAT TINGGAL ( Indra Lesmana & Gilang Ramadhan ) – 1997

LOST FOREST ( P.I.G ) – 1996

JALAN YANG HILANG (Indra Lesmana ) – 1996

ROMANTIC PIANO ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1996

AYAH ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1994

BULAN DI ATAS ASIA ( Java Jazz ) – 1994

KEHADIRAN ( Indra Lesmana ) 1994

WAKTU BERJALAN ( Adegan ) – 1994

BIARKAN AKU KEMBALI ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1993

SELANGKAH DI DEPAN ( Adegan ) – 1992

CERITA LALU (Indra Lesmana) – 1992

ADEGAN ( Adegan ) – 1991

AKU INGIN ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1990)

KEMBALI SATU ( Krakatau ) – 1989

SEMAKIN MENAWAN ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1986

SECOND ALBUM(Krakatau) – 1987

JACK & INDRA LESMANA ( Jack and Indra Lesmana ) – 1987

KRAKATAU ( Krakatau ) – 1986

KARINA ( Indra Lesmana )- 1986

FOR EARTH AND HEAVEN ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1984

TRAGEDI ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1985

WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST ( Women and Children First ) – 1983

NO STANDING ( Nebula ) – 1982

LATIN JAZZ FUSION ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1982

NOSTALGIA ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1982

YDNEY WITH JAZZ ( Indra Lesmana ) – 1981

CHILDREN OF FANTASY ( Jack and Indra Lesmana Quartet) – 1981

AYAHKU SAHABATKU ( Indra Lesmana) – 1978


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