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Barbara Alexandra (Sandra) Reemer

On October 17th, in the the hospital of Bandung on Java – Indonesia, sees Barbara Alexandra Reemer first light. Daughter of Frans and Nel Reemer and their first child to be born.

They named her Xandra.

The late 50’s

The Reemer family leaves the country of Indonesia and arrive in the Netherlands. They settle above a cafe in a small town called Sint Michielsgestel.

Little Xandra goes to school where the nuns change her name into Sandra.

When she turns ten years old, she gets a hand-made guitar from her father and she starts to play in public.

Together with her brother Frenk, she wins talentshow after talentshow.

The early 60’s

Sanda’s first single comes out.

Al di la is the start of a big promising career in the Dutch and international music industry.

As a child-star she scores many hits like;

Sluimer Zacht, Een bos Rozen en Teddy Song.

She also makes it to many hitlists of countries like Japan and Indonesia, where her songs Kopi Susu and the Malaysian version of Al di La are being brought out.

Sandra & Andres

In the time that Sandra was allready recording as a young artist, she got introduced by her producer Rine Geveke, to the starting singer Dries Holten.

The two of them start of together, with hans van Hemert as their producer and the duo Sandra & Andres (also known as Andrew) was a fact.

They almost imediately score a hit with the song:

"Storybook Children" and take part in the Eurovision Songcontest of 1972 with the song:

"Als het om de liefde gaat"

They became fourth and a start of an international career for Sandra & Andres was made.

They were so populair outside the Netherlands, that they were invited to sing along with the song "Auntie" for the 50th birthday of the BBC.

The Party’s Over

Sandra & Andres seperated in 1975, and Sandra continues her work as a solo artist.

She participates in the 1976 Eurovision Songcontest with the song

"The Party’s Over" . Composed by Hans van Hemert.

It’ll become her biggest hit ever.

The song is recorded on her solo album "Trust in me"


For the third time in her life Sandra Reemer respresents the Netherlands at the Eurovision. This time as Xandra. Which represented the whole band and was a reference to her real name.

She ends up 12th with the all known song Colorado.

The song hits high in the hit-charts of 8 different countries.

Sandra Reemer

Sandra starts as a presenter for the Dutch Television in 1984.

She presents "The batlle of the Stars" which so much enthousiasm that many shows follow.

Sandra wins award after award for being the best Dutch presenter and artist. And she gets chosen by the audience to be the best dressed female.

Sandra didn’t stop singing. She records a number of albums;

The best of my love, Unforgettable, She’s the one and Valley of Emotions.

Later on she surprises her fans with an album in Dutch called: "Natuurlijk", which received outstanding critics.

Ambassador and Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau

Besides being a true professional artists, Sandra Reemer is also a woman with the gift of giving, which is proven in her work for the Liliane Foundation and the National Tree Plant Day.

For allready many years she puts in her heart and soul in both organisations.

Besides her work for these non profit organisation you will also find Sandra supporting other great charities, like for instant the Stop Aids gala’s. Where she contributes to every year.

on April 28th 2006 she received the Order of Knighthood in the Order of Oranje Nassau for all her work as an artist, an ambassador for the Liliane Foundation and her contributions to a better environment through her work for the National Tree Plalnt Day

Nowadays Sandra is still active as an artist and presenter.

She enjoys performing in The Netherlands and accross the borders.

In 2009 Sandra Reemer had to depart from 15 years of being an ambassador for the National Tree Plant day. The reason is her own Foundation that started that same year.

The activitities for the Tree Plant day and her Sandra Reemer Foundation could no longer be combined.

This made Sandra decide, with much pain in her heart, to give up her ambassador-ship for the National Tree Plant Day.


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