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The Reynettes,< katanya dari Hong Kong

The Reynettes, featuring Rose, Baby, Luz, Jeanette and brother John are a family group from Hong Kong, but spent some time in Singapore during the 60s. During their first show at the Gay World Amusement Park, they captured the minds and hearts of teenagers and adults overnight. They were a sensation that nightspots like the El Amigo, Golden Crown and Princess Garni followed up with contracts for them at their nightclubs.

Their first EP was released in Hong Kong in 1966, titled "Kowloon Hong Kong" with tracks Kowloon Hong Kong, Rescue Me, Bei Mir Bist Du Schon & This Little Boy. They followed up with their second EP titled "Soulin’ The Blues" that coincided with their stint in Singapore. The tracks included Knock On Wood, New Orleans, Night Train and their greatest hit, My Life Is A Lonely One, which hit the No.1 spot in the local charts.

Sumber :​m

Malam Indah (Love is Blue)


Manis dan Sajang

Danny Boy

Tjinta Pertama


Spinning Wheel

Karena Engkau (Dahil Sa-Yo)

Jangan Lupa Diriku


In The Morning

Surat Undangan


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